Monica Dragosz, M.A., RSW

Counselling & Psychological Services


“Either you will go through this door, or you will not go through.

If you go through, there is always the risk

of remembering your name.”

-Adrienne Rich

Organic, Holistic, & Empathic

I create a safe and sacred space for an unfolding to occur, the kind in which people can explore themselves and their experiences at the deepest levels – which, in turn, helps them discover who they truly are and shift their lived experience.


I also consider myself a trauma-informed therapist, meaning that I view many problems of the human condition as being the result of past trauma of various kinds. Trauma can simply be any event that overwhelms our capacity to cope at that particular time in our lives, and leaves an imprint on our nervous system, thereby affecting our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behavior. The work I do is often about bringing resolution to the trauma responses that have become a part of our wiring.


My practice is a blend of techniques that address the body-mind connection, the realm of image and symbol (your personal mythology), and principles of nature-based connection and spirituality.

My Typical Clients

As for the type of people I work with, it is quite often (not exclusively) those who have personalities of a more sensitive, intuitive, introverted, and/or empathic nature. Recently, there has been more attention given to this cluster of traits online and in literature. See some of my links on the links & resources page for examples of this. I feel this attention is justified, as in spite of the gifts inherent in these traits, the very nature of modern life makes it more difficult for those who possess them in good measure to navigate it.

The links on my last page are for general information/guidance, but the content might also offer potential new clients an idea of whether we might be a good fit for working together, as I do some of my best work in this realm.


And below are some of the common issues that I work with:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • trauma (acute or childhood/developmental)
  • sexual abuse/dissociation
  • relationship issues of all kinds
  • stress management
  • grief/loss/life transition
  • eating disorders
  • addictive behavior
  • personal growth and development
  • finding meaning/spirituality
  • anger as a root issue
  • self-esteem/finding personal identity