Some problems can’t just be “figured out”….


I came to understand, both personally and professionally speaking, that healing doesn’t just happen in the mind-it happens in the body, heart, and soul. Part of my own path has been to recognize that effective counselling is not just an intellectual conversation-it includes mindful attention to the body, feelings, and the imagination.

I draw from aspects of the following therapeutic methods, depending on the needs and issues of the person in front of me. These are modern, wholistic therapeutic techniques for accessing a more expanded state of mind where wisdom and healing are accessible and we are able to view ourselves and others as whole people. These methods also assist us in going deeper into  the depths of our human experience, to the places where our richness lies and solutions are found.  Please see further pages under this heading for more information regarding a couple of these methods.


Focussing-Oriented Psychotherapy (working with non verbal states,i.e., the ‘felt sense’)                                                                   poem_marja

Internal Family Systems Therapy


Hakomi Mindfulness-Centered Somatic Psychotherapy




Nature-based therapy or Ecotherapy



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