Some problems can’t just be “figured out”….

Indigenous peoples as well as many of our ancestral cultures knew that the deepest wisdom and healing were not found in the state of mind that went about the daily business of living and surviving. They always had ways of altering their consciousness, or, to put it another way, expanding their minds and getting into their hearts. These included ancient practices like meditation, vision quests, the shamanic journey, use of hallucinogenic plants, or even just contact with nature on a level more than any of us experience in our modern lives. All were methods of getting out of the logical, analytical mind that we in our time and culture have come to value so much, and yet clearly has its limitations.

The incredibly fast pace of our modern lives as well as our constant engagement with technology does not easily support our ability to get to this more expanded state of mind where wisdom and healing are accessible and we are able to view ourselves and others as whole people.

I too, have come to know, both personally and professionally, that healing doesn’t just happen in the mind-it happens in the body, heart, and soul. Part of my own path has been to recognize that effective counselling and therapy is not just an intellectual conversation-it includes mindful attention to the body, feelings, and the imagination.

The methods listed below are modern, wholistic therapeutic techniques for accessing what might be called the “wise mind” or “higher mind”-even though the “higher mind” may actually go deeper into our human experience, to the places where our richness lies and solutions are found. Please see further pages under this heading for more information regarding a couple of these methods.

Focussing Technique                                                                           poem_marja


Ego State Therapy


Hakomi Body-Centered Psychotherapy


Mindfulness and meditation


Guided Imagery/Shamanic Journey






Nature-based therapy or Ecotherapy



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